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News: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with full disk encryption.

Google wanted for new smartphones and tablets that ship with Android 6.0 Marshmallow to be encrypted by default.
The encryption will be : Full disk encryption (FDE).
The crypto performance above 50MiB /second require supporting encryption of:

  • private user data partition (/data)
  • public data partition (/sdcard)

Some technical details about this can be found into this article.

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Unity 3D with Visual Studio 2015 IDE.

Most of the time I used Mono IDE for Unity 3D.
Today I show you how to use Unity 3D with Visual Studio 2015.
You need to know this solution it’s a little slow but can solve another issues for development.
Some settings we make from start to the end will come with restart of both IDE.
Let’s start with the first step:
First install Visual Studio 2015 from here.
You need to know about the the Visual Studio : it’s on Windows OS only.
Now download Visual Studio Tools for Unity from Unitytools Visual Studio and install this download.
If your instalation will come with Repair just repair it.
This repair option it’s show you when the Visual Studio it’s install with Unity 3D package.
Open your Unity software and make this settings from Unity Preferences ( first menu of Unity 3D software).
Duble left click to run the Visual Studio Tools for Unity from folder where you put the download.
Select all and then accept this settings.
You have one new folder add Assets into your project. You need to make more settings because will not working yet.
Make one new C# script and named it. I used the name : test. Start to develop your script by open this script.
When you start your development of this script the Visual Studio 2015 start also.
Now use right click mouse button to add Existing Item… or use the short key.
Add the DLL files from your Unity 3D project ( Assets -> UnityVS folders).
Try to build your solution from Visual Studio. Also check the settings of thise two DLL from Unity 3D by left click and check your options. If you got errors then restart both IDE: Visual Studio 2015 and Unity 3D.
This will fix all your imports and settings files.

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GIMP – normal map plugin – part 001.

So this plugin come us to give one good tool to improve the 3D objects with normal map.
The developers tells us:
This is a plugin for GIMP version 2.8.x. It allows you to convert images into RGB normal maps for use in per-pixel lighting applications. The goal is to completely clone NVIDIA’s photoshop plugin, with a few new useful features.
First you need to download it from gimp normal map google website.
Unzip the archive and copy files to yor Gimp folder, see:

The open one new image and fill with some drawing or text.
I used one with transparent background. I draw with brushes and I add one text.
This pugin can be found at Filters -> Map -> Normalmap.
Take some time to undestand how to working but the goal is to test yourself because most of the result depends by your drawing skils.
Also you can see your result with 3D objects button.See the next image:

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JavaScript tutorial – part 001

Because many users used javascript with web browser or to make web development I will make few tutorials about JavaScript.
I will try to cover the most important details and features that JavaScript has to offer.
First , the JavaScript language has no concept of input or output because is designed to run as a scripting language in a host environment.
The JavaScript is an object-oriented dynamic language with types and operators, standard built-in objects, and methods.
The syntax is based on the Java and C languages.
JavaScript’s types are:

  • Number
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Function
  • Object
  • Symbol

Because Symbol type is new in Edition 6 then you need to know this: A symbol is a unique and immutable data type and may be used as an identifier for object properties.. See this example with one symbol type definition.

One good website to learn the basics of JavaScript it’s www.w3schools.com.
Let’s try to get screen resolution with javascript.
First you need to make your html file and to add this source code under <script></script>  html tags:

This variables will be used with this source code:

Detecting the screen resolution come when we used variables and then we used that to make redirecting on another page.
How to create an object constructor
This is the source code :

The output will be one window with this text: My_first_name ;

You can test it online with jsbin.com website.

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Blender 3D – using nodes – part 001.

Compositing is used quite frequently in Blender to make rendering faster, add images, make distortions, make the render look more realistic, and much, much more. Used with nodes – an entirely different way of visualizing the graphical programmable shaders , 3d and rendering.
First open your Blender 3D and go to : Compositing.
In this tutorials I just show you how to deal with nodes. So you need to set your render and / or your material object from scene and will deal with that. You can used Shift+A keys to add your nodes.
You can select one node or multiple nodes if you use the Shift key.
If you have many nodes then you can use M keys to mute the selected node.
This will bypass the entire node / nodes and will reconnect the first with the next node.
The Ctr+X keys will delete the node / nodes .
The Alt+D will disconnect the node.
If you want to duplicate your node / nodes just use Shift+D keys.
You can duplicate your node / nodes with your connections then use : Ctr+Shift+D .
Some connections will be the same from one node to many nodes.
You can put together with this:
– select your nodes connected and then drag with your mouse over connection with CTR key pressed, see this next steps :

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