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Using FontForge application – part 001.

FontForge requires an X server to be running so it can display its user interface. This distribution happens to use VcXsrv, which can allow for remote connections – since FontForge doesn’t use (or require) that, it is safe to keep blocking vcxsrv.exe. – just check Private networks, such as my home or work network.
About VcXsrv.
This is a Windows X-server based on the xorg git sources (like xming or cygwin’s xwin). After you install FontForge the you see one icon into system tray area.
About FontForge.
FontForge come like a tool to create new typefaces. You can read this book to have a complete view.
Fisrt, is very easy to use it.
When you start this application then you have wo choices: one is to open a old font and another is to create a new font.
1. If you open a old font then just double left click and a window editor will let you to edit the letter.
2. When you create a new font then is open a default empty matrix to create you letters.
Double left click with your mouse into area of the letter and the window to draw your letter will show you.
Shotcuts keys for created window letter:
– use wheel mouse to up and down the edit area;
– use Ctr+wheel mouse to zoom in/out;
– use Shift+wheel mouse to move left and right;
– use Ctr+A to select all;
– use Delete to delete;
– use Alt+Ctr+R to start python scripting to letter window or for start window use this Ctr +’+’+’.’;
Let’s try a simple example to make / extract one letter from a image.
– draw your letter ( for example letter A) into image file te create new font.
– double click to letter A from default empty font.
– use File – Import ( Ctr+Shift+I) to import your image to the edit window for letter A.
– use Element – Auto trace (Ctr+Shift+T) from menu file to make the letter for your font.
– use Element – Simplify – Simplify (Ctr+Shift+M) tool , see simplify help.
For python script just use the window to execute script ( Alt+Ctr+R) and use this python extensions.
For example: to import one font just press Ctr + .  (Execute Script …) and run this into main window:

This will open a new window with the font from python script.
If you feel lost into area of functions and ools then try the index webpage.

NOTE: The FontForge freeze few times but I think is normal when you use large or complex data. One time when I used the bitmap letter and I need to put a simple one. Another freeze was when I run the python script – I think is a normal response because is not doing anything else and you need to wait. The good news is this application will not crash. If you want to stop it just close the VcXsrv from icon tray.
The point is to have a a good hardware if you want to use large data.
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Using C # and Visual Studio 2015 to make additional form.

Today I will told you about how to use additional form into C# source code without using Form Design.
First you need to open under Visual Studio 2015 a new project Windows Form Application.
This project will come with a windows form.
Press Ctr+Alt+X keys and will see the Toolbox with all Windows controls.
Add one button to your window form with double left click.
Use double left click to your button and will see the source code of your form.
The C# script will be Form1.cs and for your button will have this:

If you want to open a new form with your button then you need to add source code:

This source code will make a new form named fInfo with this text: Info and about !.
Into this form will have a label named myText with this text: This software is created by the website: free-tutorials.org!.
The form fInfo add the label myText and finally show this form.
The source code come with size, height , weight and location to show the form and label to design form.
The StartPosition is used to put the form into center of your screen.

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Using C# with twilio to send SMS – part 001.

You need to have a account at twilio.com.
I used a free trial account to make this demo application.
You need to take for you a number on that support Twilio SMS. I got one in the US to send SMS to my country.
Open your Visual Studio and create a new Project with Windows Form Application.
This will make your Windows Form with Form1.cs and Form1.cs [Design] .
You need to install with Visual Studio the twilio-csharp library.
This library lets you write C# code – go to Visual Studio menu:
Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console and use this command to install twilio-csharp library.

Find the Toolbox ( Ctrl+Alt+X keys ) and add one button to your Windows Form.
Under Form1.cs [Design] press double left click with the mouse on Button ( is named button1 ).
This will open the Form1.cs and add this source code:

Fill with your accountSid, authToken and your number mobile phone from your twilio account console.
Save the file Form1.cs and then Build and Run the application.
Press the button to send the SMS message and you will see this output:

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News: Twilio – cloud communications platform.

Today I tested Twilio the trial version. First you need to know about this cloud service:
Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service company based in San Francisco, California. Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs.

About the trial version then this works with all customers:
Twilio offers a trial to all customers who sign up, which includes a free balance for you to experiment with. When your balance is getting low, Twilio will send you an email with information to upgrade your account.

About pricing , then you can find pricing for your desired number on our country by using this link to see local and from United States to your country.
You can interacting with via the REST Pricing API with Voice, Messaging and Phone Numbers.
Another option is the twilio-python library and can be used with Flask python module.
The most API come with product for all options: SMS, Voice, Authy, IP Messaging, Video, Notify, Taskrouter and tools.
The platform of this API include: Web, Mobile, iOS and Android.
Also not of this is all included. For example: the Twilio Programmable Voice SDK makes it easy for you to add voice-over-IP (VoIP) but just for: Android and iOS.
Another issue for you is to see if the ability to enable permissions to call almost any country by check limited number of countries.

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Windows 10 – commands with Win + R keys.

It quickly when working with computer keyboard and this is the reason for doing this tutorial.
Today I show you some common commands used with keys: windows key + R.

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