NativeScript is an open-source framework to develop apps on the Apple iOS and Android platforms. This is a framework for building native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and CSS. You can use JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, Vue.js, FlexBox and CSS in your project. The result can be shown on your… Continue Reading NativeScript – open-source framework.

The easy way is to check the incrementing the eax register: The problem is much more complex if we are to discuss the subject. Let’s see the source code:

The x64 and x86 are symbols. The source code shows us the algorithm: recall correctly the EAX with  xor ; try to … Continue Reading Programming with FASM – test 64 bit CPU compatibility.

A few hours ago a new version of the go programming language was released. The latest version of Go, version 1.11 comes with the changes and deployment for the tool, runtime, and libraries version. Go 1.11 adds an experimental port to WebAssembly (js/wasm). Go 1.11 adds preliminary support for a… Continue Reading News: The new Go version 1.11 .

All job listings asking for front end developers or back end developers and even full stack developers. What did that mean? Front end The front end of a website is the part a user sees and directly interacts with, like: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Back end is about programming with… Continue Reading About front end, back end and full stack developers .

The result of parsing calendar with Google Apps Script tool can be shown in this screenshot: To import a google calendar in your drive google spreadsheet, just create a spreadsheet document file use Google Apps Script. Open Google Apps Script from Tool – Script Editor. Use this script with your… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – calendar example – part 007.

Starting at 08 Aug 2018 the new version 1.0 of Julia official page come with this intro: The much anticipated 1.0 release of Julia is the culmination of nearly a decade of work to build a language for greedy programmers. JuliaCon2018 celebrated the event with a reception where the community… Continue Reading Julia – Start programming with julia language.

I will use the example from my tutorial. Install electron-packager:

You need to add and modify the scripts below into your package.json:

You can create these folders: assets, icons, win, mac and png, see:

You need one icon file with this extension .png, .ico and .icns for… Continue Reading Create MacOS, Windows and Linux cross-platform applications with Electron packager.

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