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Web – three platforms for book lovers.

These are social media platforms dedicated to book lovers who love to discuss their favorite reads. Goodreads webpage – you can share and get information based on your interests… Litsy webpage – is the Instagram of the book-loving community. LibraryThing webpage – this is a virtual library that allows you to catalog the books you… Read More »

Web – extension for diacritics in Romanian.

This extension can help you very much if you want to use the Romanian language with your documents. The official website can be found on this webpage. Diacritics are spelling marks that are added to some letters to indicate how they should be pronounced or to specify the meaning of words in Romanian. Unfortunately, writing… Read More »

JavaScript – tweakpane example – 001.

This is a simple example with the tweakpane. Tweakpane is a compact pane library for fine-tuning parameters and monitoring value changes. I tested with this example source code created by me and works great:

If you want to test just use the Visual Code with Live Server extension, copy the source code and use… Read More »

Programming with FASM – OpenAI and FASM programming.

The entire world map praises OpenAI for its ability to analyze, sort, and give correct feedback on a defined issue. I do not completely agree, there are still reminders related to the way of solving complex tasks. An example is creating source code in an assembler for FASM. Although FASM is very strict in terms… Read More »