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Android ABIs list application.

This application will show us about ABIs (Application Binary Interface support). Basically get the information about CPU and ABIs. You can read more about this at ARM website. The result will come like this screenshot. The main problem was the SDK: minSdkVersion 21 / targetSdkVersion 23 and the emulator with Nexus 6P API 23. That […]

Android emulation with Intel® HAXM.

The Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager named Intel® HAXM is a a hardware-assisted virtualization engine that help Android application emulation on a host machine. You need to install it from here.. After that you can run the commands to install it, see the next image how to do it: Update tool from android with Android […]

Android Studio 2.0 – fix old projects.

Today I will show you how to fix easy to old android projects. The new version of Android Studio First try to build your android project. If you see this red X on your android studio then you need to fix it. So I click on app button. This will open one window – Edit […]

News: Android Studio 1.5 RC 1.

See more about this into this link.

News: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with full disk encryption.

Google wanted for new smartphones and tablets that ship with Android 6.0 Marshmallow to be encrypted by default. The encryption will be : Full disk encryption (FDE). The crypto performance above 50MiB /second require supporting encryption of: private user data partition (/data) public data partition (/sdcard) Some technical details about this can be found into […]