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Connect and debug your android application with one function under linux os.

This is a simple way to use your tablet device to debug your android applications.

Go to root account and open the .bashrc file.

Type the next source code using your home folder account.

Restart your terminal, connect your tablet device .

Now you can use this command : tablet to start connection with your tablet.

Sometime is need to use root account to stop and start the server…

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Android Studio – tools and features – part 003

This is another tutorial about Android Studio features.

Today I will show you how to use git , github and using git AndEngine.

First go to VCS menu -> Checkout from Version Control.

You will see GitHub and Git.

See the next image and start Git to clone the source files.

android studio tools

The next image will start GitHub.

android studio tools

I use Git to make settings for AndEngine, the GitHub not working on my desktop because my git is old and I need some features to do the connection.


So I set Git and I test the connnection and working well.

android studio tools

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Android Studio – tools and features – part 002

This is another tutorial about Android Studio features and tools.

Today I will show you how to create screenshots for your application.

This can be help you to promote your android work.

First you need to connect your device. You can read my tutorial about how to do that from here.

Start the Android Studio IDE and wait until all is running well.

In the next image you can see how my project is working.


It’s no need to have one project to make screenshots.

Take a look , and find the area of IDE show in the next image.

This area can be off by pressing the Android button near TODO button from status.

You can see this button in my first image from this tutorial.

To make a screenshot just press the button show in the next image.


This is output of my android tablet.


Thank you. See you later.

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Create android project under Fedora distro using the shell.

Using the android command to create default project it’s easy to do.

First let’s see the args of this command:

n – set the project a name.

p – set the directory for the project.

k – set root for the Java package.

a – set the name for a main Activity class.

Go to tools folder to use android command.

Use this command to create your project:

Now we have a folder named test001 with the android default project.

You can use android to update the SDK.

Go to folder project and use ant to build and sign the project.

I got this error because I used old Fedora distro. If you use the last Fedora then will not see this error.

See all your avd devices and start the emulator:

You can see I have one avd named and1. You can see many default avd…

Also you can test , install and build just using the ant command, see more here.

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Android Studio – tools and features – part 001

The new Android Studio come with many tools and features.

Today I will show something new about this great IDE.

First the simple way to add your Android Studio to your linux distro.

You can open Android Studio, click on Tools > Create Desktop Entry.


The Android Studio will notify you about the result.


This should let you to start the launcher from your desktop menu.

On my Fedora is on Applications -> Programming menu.

Another feature is translation of your application.

This allow you to make resurces can be used.

Let’s try to do that.

Pick a language , will see it’s many can be used with your application.


You will get a new window for translation.


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