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VS 2015 – fix toolbox with COM components.

Today I will show you how to add COM components to your Visual Studio 2015 toolbox. In this example I add the Windows Media Player COM component. To do this you need to use this Right Click – mouse within the Toolbox, and then select Choose Items. See image: After that will see this window […]

Create your GUID with Visual Studio Express 2013 .

The file called AssemblyInfo.cs contains information about your programme and provides properties for getting the information about the application, such as the version number, description, loaded assemblies. This is just a simple example and you can read the docs from msdn docs

When you create the project you will find this file on Solution […]

Export your project from Netbeans like RPM package.

I told you in this tutorial about how to make RPM package. Also I told you how to use Netbeans IDE. Today I will show how to make this settings. First you will need make the application working well. Then you need to go on to project and press click right with your mouse. Set […]

Create HTML5 template with C++ .

It’s a simple console C++ program that makes default html5 page with one table. You can change the source code to create more template for your source code.

Working with GLFW library under Fedora.

Today I will try to use GLFW library. GLFW is a C library that lets you using an OpenGL context and window, display modes and inputs like keyboard, mouse, joystick and time. GLFW supports Windows, Mac OS X and Unix, Linux and FreeBSD and any operating systems with the X Window System. Also you can […]