About the pdftk tools, we can read the options using –help. We can see many examples and features… See the description of this tool.

Let’s try some simple examples. extract all the odd-numbered pages:

extract all the even-numbered pages:

extract the pages 25 to 30 and create… Continue Reading Using pdftk to change pdf files.

Install p7zip on Fedora:

Install p7zip on Debian and Ubuntu:

Uncompressing an example.7z 7zip file in Linux.

Creating a 7zip compression file in Linux.

This can be done with the next command:

Explanation of this command is shown below.

The frame rate in which you want to record, in this example 50 frames per seconds is used.

The screen resolution that you want to record. Do not try to use a… Continue Reading Record your desktop screen with ffmpeg.

You can execute copies a large block of data to and from disk. This will minimize disk caching. Next is one example if our test system has 1GB of RAM. It is easy ( 1GB = 250,000 blocks ).

It’s very hard to argue with this dd test.

Use this command to show all the processors:

Show the number of all processors

Go to the :

All of these folders and file have info about your processors, but you need to use ACPI.

Click Start and click Run, type msconfig, then click OK. You will see something like the image below : On General tab you can select one of this : Normal startup: load all device drivers and services Diagnostic startup: load basic devices and services only Selective startup: your own settings Launch… Continue Reading XP and msconfig settings

You can use nmap by using the PPPoE Discovery protocol. Just use your script with broadcast-pppoe-discover.

See below the example:

You can see more about nmap on this site.

You can test if the sendmail application is installed and working correctly.

If you go on and see the message with “Hello world” then is working. The mail command allows you to send emails from Linux terminals and to make some tricks for you.

Let’s see some of… Continue Reading Send emails from linux terminal.