A Go developer know the code must be formatted with the standard gofmt tool. While gofmt attracts much attention, goimport is overlooked despite often being more useful. Basically, goimport does everything that gofmt do. First, you need to install into go using:

This will auto import Go packages using… Continue Reading Go – About goimport tool .

After installing the Go programming language from here, you will need to deal with the go command. I’m not very good with golang, but I found some interesting issues for those who want to use go command with golang. About go command can you read here and the go help… Continue Reading Go – Using the go command .

This old command REG QUERY help us to search the windows registry and use the output to see the integrity and check malware infection. This is the operation of the default REG command that performs operations on the registry. The help command shows us:

First, you need to know… Continue Reading Windows 10 – Search the registry with REG Query .

This tutorial comes to show you how to use the netstat command with the Linux operating system. To list out all the connections TCP, UDP & Unix on a system, we can use ‘a’ option with netstat command:

To list only the TCP connections our system, use ‘t’ options… Continue Reading Linux – netstat command .

The whoami is used to display the domain and user name of the person who is currently logged on to this computer. If used without parameters, whoami displays the current domain and user name. You can use this command with the next parameters: /upn Displays the user name in the… Continue Reading Windows 10 – whoami command .

This is a simple command to get all your mac from your Windows system. We can run it to retrieve the mac addresses of a remote computer.

Export a verbose listing of MAC addresses to a CSV file.

See the help of this command:

This is a simple example of creating one object from vertices and edges using sin function. First, you need to create the mesh with bpy.data.meshes.new. The number is random, you can use any number for vertices and edges. This number is points for drawing the sin function. The spaces variable… Continue Reading Blender 3D – sin mesh object with python.

The sc command helps us to retrieves and sets control information about services.

Some options of this command:

Let’s test query with intelhaxm:

To create a list of all services used:

You can use: start and stop to start and stop services. The start option comes… Continue Reading Windows 10 – the SC command.