This commands will show you information about your Windows operating system and network:

About IRC. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a system for chatting that involves a set of rules and conventions and client/server software. The base of this system is an application layer protocol that facilitates communication in the form of text. This open protocol uses TCP[1] and, optionally, TLS. Most people… Continue Reading irc freenode

Using command shell under Windows 10 ( cmd – command ) you can start the applications tools from your Control Panel. See the table with: name of tool: command Accessibility Options : control access.cpl Add/Remove Programs : control appwiz.cpl Add Hardware Wizard: control hdwwiz.cpl Administrative Tools: control admintools Automatic Updates… Continue Reading Windows 10 – Control Panel applications tools.

Start Command Prompt as administrator and use these commands to solve this issue:

The first command reset winsock and the second reset TCP/IP stack. 1. Windows Sockets API (WSA), later shortened to Winsock, is a technical specification that defines how Windows network software should access network services, especially TCP/IP;… Continue Reading Network and Windows – Wi-Fi and invalid ip address;

About the Shellshock vulnerability, you can read here. Run this command:

If you see this:

You have a Shellshock vulnerability, to fix use this:


Today I will come with some useful commands for your Linux. Some commands need to be installed into your Linux, like ImageMagick. With ImageMagick software you can generate an animated GIF:

This command of ImageMagick will resize to 50% all your png files from your folder:

Use this… Continue Reading Useful commands for linux – part 001.

It quickly when working with a computer keyboard and this is the reason for doing this tutorial. Today I show you some common commands used with keys: windows key + R.

This is a short tutorial about the ipconfig command. This command works with Windows operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8 and some old versions. You can read all about this command from here. Let’s start with the basics: – to read short info about your network, just use this:

Continue Reading Network and Windows – ipconfig command.