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errors , bugs and how to fix this

Error: fix Chrome browser update error.

If you try to update the Chrome browser on Settings – About Chrome and you receive this error:

then you need to stop all tasks that depend on the Chrome browser. The error tells me something changed the browser functionality, maybe a browser hijacker threat or a similar malware rooted in the browser area.… Read More »

Error: The ebuild selected to satisfy …

I found this error in the Gentoo Linux distro when I used the emerge command and return me this text:

Open the /etc/portage/make.conf uncomment the old USE row and use this:

The /etc/portage/make.conf file is used to customize the Portage environment on a global level to every package that is emerged. The USE… Read More »

Web – Firefox browser and debug options for programmers and users.

Today’s tutorial solves a number of issues for the programmer and the regular user. First. let show you a download tool for GitHub. This online tool allows you to download any folder from GitHub without using the classic git clone command. With this online tool, I download this animated parrot theme from Mozilla Developer Network… Read More »

Error: Discord cannot find Update.

Discord can have problems with the process of install and uninstall. The error is shown in the next image: This error can appear when you want to uninstall discord to solve errors like Discord Javascript Error [Fatal Error]. To fix that error use this operation: try to close all Discord process tasks using Task Manager,… Read More »

Error: failed to push some refs on GitHub.

This error I got from GitHub when I try to push my source code:

You need to use the argument –force: