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error: …accounts.google.com/CookieMismatch

If you got this error in your firefox browser then the main reason is:

the Firefox can be set to not accept cookies.

The output will give us this:

To fix this error just go at the top of the Firefox window.

Click on the Edit menu and select Preferences.

Select the Privacy panel.

Set Firefox will to Use custom settings for history.

Make sure Accept cookies from sites is check marked.

Make sure Accept third party cookies is check marked.

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error: Error parsing XML: unbound prefix

The error I got is:

The problem is I mistyped a word in file XML.

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error: cannot find -lSDL_image

You need to install:

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error: invalid conversion from ‘void*’ to ‘HFONT__*’

It is common error when you write or read the C source code.

I might encounter when I compile with code::blocks one C file.

You won’t get that error if you compile as C file. But you got the next error if you compile like a C++ program.

So , you need to make an explicit typecast , like below:

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Segmentation fault : error 6 in ld- .. .so

You can solve this error:

by using this:

If you want to execute the prelink script daily , then go on:

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