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Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script – get image and save to Google Drive account – part 020.

This simple apps script can get an image from the web , save it and return the URL from Google Drive.

Google Apps Script – read old emails from gmail category – part 018.

This tutorial shows you how to read old emails from category Forums by a number of days. The script is simple and has just one function. I started like any project with one document and one new script with authorization of Gmail.’ You can read these steps with my old tutorials. Let’s see the script:… Read More »

Google Apps Script – add bookmark – part 017.

This simple script will add a bookmark into your page and will insert a text into the document project. The script needs to have the fix_cursor() add into the scripting area to avoid the crash cursor. The fix_cursor() source code can be found on my previews tutorial. Let’s see the script: