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Setup the NetBeans IDE and Android SDK .

NetBeans IDE is free and open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I tested the latest version a few days ago and I am very pleased with him. The main reason is that it integrates very well the android SDK (Software Development Kit). Let’s try to use this. First we need to download it with JAVA… Read More »

python 3.2 and django 1.4 – installation

Although most of us prefer the python version 2.6, today I tried to install the latest version of django and python 2.3.2 . Make a new folder , named test-dj .

On the official site, I got the two archives:

I will start with the installation of python. We unzip the archive:

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Bluefish editor – create your new snippet

Go to the snippet tab (see 1) and add a new snippet (see 2), like in the image show below: Add Insert string and press Forward button. Give the name of the snippet. Add the text before and after the text or cursor position. See my example below: Select the new snippet, press right click… Read More »

The Minitube software : the new YouTube desktop

Minitube 1.7 is released, but Fedora 16 come with 1.6 verssion. First, the Minitube is a YouTube desktop application with it you can watch YouTube videos. A nice second option, you can type a keyword and Minitube gives you an endless video stream. You can read more about this software on official website. Installation on… Read More »