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XP and msconfig settings

Click Star and click Run, type msconfig , then click OK.

You will see something like image below :


On General tab you can select one of this :

  1. Normal startup : load all device drivers and services
  2. Diagnostic startup : load basic devices and services only
  3. Selective startup : your own settings

Launch System Restore : create a restore point or restore back to a restore point.

Services will show on another tab named services. This tab allow to set up the startup of this services.


Now press Restart.


You must be careful what programs you started and what not.

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Installing and configuring the Eclipse IDE – Google Plugin for Eclipse

Installing and configuring the Eclipse IDE is easy.
Write this command in the console:

You will see the Eclipse IDE and related packages.
First we will install Eclipse IDE:

Start Eclipse IDE from menu Application – Programming – Eclipse.
You will see the following image:


(Click on images to see a better resolution.)

Eclipse IDE starts with a start page Welcome as shown below:

Eclipse install

There are five icons each opening anything.
The first is about Overview.
See image below:

Eclipse install

Next icon leads to What’s new?

Eclipse install

We can see Samples.

Eclipse install

We can learn from Tutorials.

Eclipse install

Last icon leads us Workbench.

Eclipse install

The next picture we see how we can configure plugins.
From the top menu choose Help, then Software Updates and clik on Find and Install.

Eclipse install

A new window appears.
Choose Search for new features to install.
See next picture:

Eclipse install

Click on Next and we’ll see another window.
In this window, we add new plugins.
Click the New Remote Site.

Eclipse install

Add the following data:

… press Ok button.

Eclipse install

This new window shows that we added a new plugin on a remote site.
Click Next to be loaded this plugin. See image:

Eclipse install

We have to accept limits and licenses.

Eclipse install

We’ll see what plugins will load.
Click Finish to complete the installation.

Eclipse install

Wait until the download plugins.

Eclipse install

A window will tell us what plugins have been downloaded.
Click Install All to complete the process.

Eclipse install

Wait until it installs on your computer.

Eclipse install

You will need to restart the Eclipse IDE. Click the Yes button.

Eclipse install

When we open a new project will see that we can use google plugin applications. See screenshot below:

Eclipse install

I hope this tutorial will be useful.

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Modifying shortcuts keys on Bluefish 1.0.7

Bluefish is a good software to edit web page. The linux user has need keyboard shortcuts

Open a new Untitle 0 Bluefish 1.0.7 document.

First move the mouse over a menu entry.For example use :

See image below:

free tutorial bluefish editor

To remove a shortcut, hit twice the backspace key.

First you will see text BackSpace this mean is assign the backspace key.

When you press the backspace key a second time you will not have any assigned key.

Now we need to save the shortcut key combinations. To make this use from menu software tag.

bluefish editor

If you want to restore the default combinations simply stop Bluefish and remove this file from :

Now we will restart the Bluefish software.

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Windows 7 and Counter Strike 1.6

How to make run Counter Strike 1.6 on Windows 7

Click on the Start button.

Use right-click Computer and then select Properties.

Click on to the Advanced System Settings.

Open the Performance Settings button, then click on to the Data Execution Prevention tab.

Check now the box named Turn on DEP for all the Programs and Services except those I select.

Now click Add and add game Counter Strike 1.6 in the list of exceptions.

See below on image this option :

windows 7

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Fedora – Install Skype

You can install Skype from repository.

Go on :

First create a file named

Put this code on this file :

Save the file.

Use :

This is all.

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