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The indication of a denial of service (DoS) attack.

One common method of denial-of-service attack ( DoS) involves saturating the target machine with external communications requests.

If you want an indication of a denial of service (DoS) attack against your system’s , just run this command:

This command executes this steps.

Show all tcp connections in numeric format :

Parsing connections that are received from the network:

Count how many answers of SYN_RECV are:

You can perform a lot more complex things using netstat.
You can also add this in your .bashrc file.

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How to display memory in real time on Linux systems.

To display information about memory, we use the following command:

But if we want the data displayed in terminal to be maintained, we will use:

The combination of two orders, will solve our problem.

Here is the final command:

Here is the displayed result:

free -mt

It will display used and free memory every two seconds.

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Create html file with bash script.

We will present a more special method of using the Linux command line.

This method comes in helping those who need to text or html content.

In fact a combination of Linux commands to get an output.

Suppose we have a list of jpeg files in folder image.

They should exist in to html to be displayed.

As we know an image has the form:

The list of file is :

My method uses two commands : ll and awk.

First, I will display files:

I created one variable f1 .

In these variables put the beginning of each line:

We add two sed commands.

First remove the space before the file name.

The second will add the rest to complete the link.

The xargs command is used with echo and print the first part of the link.

Finally we use <<< aaaa.html to output the HTML file.

And this is the final command:

This is all.

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Generate an MD5 hash under linux .

I will present two examples to generate an md5 hash from an input string.

The first example uses openssl.

The second example uses md5sum.

This is all.

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How to find duplicates of an image on Internet ?

We use an extension that accesses a site specialized.

This is the extension named:
TinEye Reverse Image Search

After installation we can use it easily by clicking the right mouse.

In the menu that appears, we will find this tool: on TinEye Image Search.

Click on it and you will be redirected to the official web site with the outcome.

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