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Programming with FASM – writing to file.

In this simple example, I will show how to write a file using the assembly programming language with FASM, known as flat assembler. You can use the FASM editor with the FASMW.EXE executable. Open this editor and use this commented source code:

Each step is describe in the source code. Run and test with… Read More »

Google Apps Script – Google Analytics API usage limit error – part 051.

… indicating that you have reached the usage limit for the YouTube API. for each A.P.I. comes a different limit of usage, on the case of YouTube API, each user is assigned a set of quota units per day, which can be used to make requests to the A.P.I. and once the usage limit… Read More »

Google Apps Script – Google Analytics API service – part 050.

This is a simple example with Google Analytics API service settings. You need to add the Analytics service version 3.

The result is shown in the Google Apps Script editor with Logger.log :

Google Apps Script – custom google search engine – part 048.

This Google Apps Script can get a label email and parse the content with regular expressions. In this case, it is an email sent by google and the script will search by the label “alerts” then the result is parsed with regular expressions to find a title and a description. The primary condition is to… Read More »

Programming with FASM – OpenAI and FASM programming.

The entire world map praises OpenAI for its ability to analyze, sort, and give correct feedback on a defined issue. I do not completely agree, there are still reminders related to the way of solving complex tasks. An example is creating source code in an assembler for FASM. Although FASM is very strict in terms… Read More »

Google Apps Script – custom google search engine – part 047.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a custom google search engine to search large images. You can customize this engine if you want. The first step is to set the YOUR_API_KEY using the webpages from the commented source code: In the next one, you need to set the YOUR_SEARCH_ENGINE_ID using the… Read More »

Google Apps Script – Gmail A.P.I. – part 046.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to select only those that correspond to a list of email addresses from the list of emails received on a Gmail account. Obviously, you can modify this script to perform other operations: delete them, assign them a label, … Create a spreadsheet in Google Drive and from… Read More »