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WebExtensions API – Load an extension in Firefox browser.

You can use WebExtensions API to extend the browser’s built-in developer tools. Today I will show you how to test the web extensions-examples from GitHub.

The next steps are to run it with the Firefox browser: open Firefox browser; enter about:debugging in the URL bar; use click on the This Firefox; use click on… Read More »

Google Apps Script – get tasks – part 026.

This tutorial solves this issue about how to parse a text document open by an Id and put the output into a Spreadsheet. The input text from the text document must have four signed number delimited with a comma like as regular expression variable named r from source code:

Programming with FASM – the format ELF executable – part 006 .

Let’s read from a text file named new_file.txt with an assembler program.

The source code is easy to understand. This source code shows you how you can use a macro for print. The base of this source code use INT 0x80 with a rax register for many functions like open, read and close. I… Read More »