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Google Apps Script – search YouTube videos by location – part 013.

This is a simple example of how to search on YouTube by location. You need to use the same steps as in my previews tutorials. Use this source code of Google Apps Script to see result into menu: View Logs.

Programming with FASM – double edit in two editbox.

This example is about a double edit issue with two edit box using FASM.

JavaScript – TensorFlow.js .

Many people have heard about TensorFlow. I tried to use it with another programming language, but installation was difficult. Today I saw that it was implemented on javascript. I am not very advanced in javascript (thanks to multiple implementations) but I will try to write a simple tutorial. TensorFlow.js is an open source WebGL-accelerated JavaScript… Read More »

Godot – moon shader.

This is a simple tutorial is about how to create a shader moon in time. Into your Godot project add a Sprite to Node2D. Add a New CanvasItemMaterial and then select Convert to ShaderMaterial to the Sprite. Open this shader and fill with this shader source code: