In the last tutorial, I solve the connection with the firebase database. In this tutorial, I add a new record into the database and I fix the source code to work well with this. See the source code:

You can see the result of this source code into the… Continue Reading C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 049.

Today’s tutorial is about C# and the google firebase service. The main goal is to connect a Xamarin Application with an Firebase Database. You need to create a simple database without any records on this. Open your Firebase account and create a database , you will see the URL of… Continue Reading C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 048.

This tutorial is about copy-paste filtered cells values. You need to create a spreadsheet named CustomSheet with two sheets named: SheetInput and Target. In the SheetInput add this data for each column A,B, C, D, E, F: A B C D E F A $1 30% AA Criteria B $1… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – copy and paste filtered cells value – part 040.

This is a simple example with Google Apps Script and geocode feature.

The result is this:

Extension methods enable you to “add” methods to existing types without creating a new derived type, recompiling, or otherwise modifying the original type. Extension methods are static methods, but they’re called as if they were instance methods on the extended type. see the official website. Let’s see one simple example:… Continue Reading C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 047.

The DeepAI API can be used our API to process images and videos to get data about the demographics of people present, faces detected, and nudity detected. You can even flag media that contains nudity so you can remove it … You can test it online with this online tool… Continue Reading C# – First steps with C# and .NET – part 046.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can multiply two matrices using the C# programming language. The full source code in C# can be found on my account on dotnetfiddle online tool. This is the source code I used:

This is the output:

The Unity 2018.1 comes with two scriptable render pipelines known as SRP templates the HDRP and the lightweight render pipeline. The idea is to provide optimized real-time performance. In Unity 2019.3 the lightweight render pipeline was renamed to Universal render pipeline. All render pipelines can be install from the Package… Continue Reading Unity 3D – Set render pipeline and fix the pink shader material.

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