If you want to use and test with a FREE MySQL hosting and phpMyAdmin interface then the team development come with this intro: Within a few minutes you could have your own MySQL hosting up and running. All we need is you email address and we will do the rest.… Continue Reading FREE MySQL hosting and phpMyAdmin.

This query will fix the error mysql error 1140 (42000).

This tool can help you to deal with many databases and share it online for help. For example to share your query to dba.stackexchange.com. Just start with setting the work environment and Build Schema. Or just, you can put in your query, run it, and see the output and even… Continue Reading Web – Database online tool : sqlfiddle.

If you trying to apply a global text string with a replacement, then use this:

The your_sql_table is the name of the table. The field_from_your_sql_table is the field with records where will be found and replaced words. The wrong_word is the word search and replace by good_word

Always save a backup of your data. An important aspect is a date when the backup was made. Today I will show you how to format the backup name so you know since you have. Select the database and go to the Export tag and Custom – display all possible… Continue Reading Export the database in phpmyadmin – setting name and filetype.

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