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Windows – ReactOS another Windows O.S.

ReactOS is a free and open-source operating system for amd64/i686 personal computers intended to be binary-compatible with computer programs and device drivers made for Windows Server 2003 and later versions of Windows., read more on Wikipedia. If you have old hardware then this is a good idea to use your Windows applications with ReactOS. The… Read More »

Windows – WinDbg tool.

WinDbg is very useful when you develop software with assembly language. You can install WinDbg using PowerShell by opening PowerShell as an administrator and running this command:

You can download it from the Microsoft store.

Windows – install and use chocolatey.

Chocolatey is a software management solution that allows you to manage 100% of your software, anywhere you have Windows, with any endpoint management tool. This can be easily installed on Powershell with this command:

After installation you can use the help to see how can be used:

If you want to install an… Read More »