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Unity 5 – shortkeys – part 001 .

In this image I show you some shortkeys from Unity 5.
This will help you remember quickly and also will you increase your working speed.
Unity 5

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Deal with unknown languages over youtube tutorials.

This can help with video tutorials with subtitle from youtube.
This can be simple but also may be slowly if you don’t have a script to deal with this issue.
So you can use this : keepsubs.com to download the subtitle.
With keepvid.com you can download your youtube movie.
Use your favorite player and play it with the subtitle.
Also keepsubs.com make translation in all languages.

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Android Studio – tools and features – part 007

If you try to update your old Android Studio to Android Studio 1.2 RC 2 you may got this error:
The following SDK components were not installed: …
Most commons errors are for this components:
After this error the process of installation it’s stopped running.
To fix this you need to take a look to this path : …\AppData\Local\Android\sdk1
Start the : SDK Manager.exe application to update all your SDK components…
…or try to run android.bat command from tools folder : tools\android.bat update sdk –no-ui
After that the installation / update of Android Studio will be like in the next images.
Then make all settings

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Android Studio – tools and features – part 006

You can quickly filter through commands by using the Find Actions shortcut.
That can be show you with : Ctrl+Shift+A keys and you will see the next dialog like into the next picture.

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LINQ and LinkPad – part 001.

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and enadbles us to query any type of data store, like SQL Server , XML documents, Objects in memory etc.
You don’t need to know the syntax specific to data source because LINQ enables us to work with different data source.
The great goal is that it provides intellisense and compile time error checking.
If we development one application and this working with databases , xml documents and / or in memory objects then we can use LINQ.
LINQ query can be using any .NET supported programmiing language, because LINQ component between the LINQ query and the data source.
LinqPad tool can be downloaded for free from here.Now I help you to learn , write and test LINQ.
Today I will try to use C# with LinqPad.
LinqPad help you to under C# to make it converted to Intermediate Language (IL) which is also known as Microsoft Intermediate Language or Common Intermediate Language.
If you try to use LinqPad without source code then the oonly error under C# will come into C#Statement : ; expected
Press F4 button then press Add button (Query Properties ) and type WindowsBase.dll (Add Custom Assembly References – window) then press Ok button.
Let’s test all. Wrote this example and under Results tab click under IL.

Example 1
C# Expression

Result IL

Example 2
C# Statement

Result IL:

this can a little dizzy for you but will come with future details.

Example 3
C# Program

Results IL :

This examples will show us the results over IL.
Using LinqPad with assemblies .NET .
Under C# the most simple DLL example can be:

If we wrote into LinqPad under C# Statement and then run it.

Console.WriteLine(“tutorial LinqPad -001”);
… the result will be :

The next step is to create one new file into our C# project named Test.dll with this source code:

If you parse this code you will see under call I need to add this :

This is just one simple example about LinqPad.This software it’s very good when working with SQL , ASP , data , arrays.
To make the DLL file you need this : ilasm.exe
Run the command under cmd.exe:

The result will be: Test.dll .
Let test it:
Make another file with notepad , named DllTest.cs and put this source code:

Use cmd.exe to complile this into exe file format :

If you run this using cmd.exe the the output will be:

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