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Using find comand with newermt yyyy-mm-dd argument.

The find command search for files in a directory hierarchy and this can helping your bash script. Sometime you can find file modified after given date. The format of the find is the same also the new argument is: newermt.

Let’s see one example:

The first part is the same like any search… Read More »

The LOAD and uptime , top commands .

Today I will speak about LOAD , uptime , top under your cores.. Let’s get info on each processor in your system

You can get LOAD about your cores using some linux commands. … using top command

or uptime command:

Load averages are the three numbers shown you the LOAD averages over… Read More »

Android Studio – tools and features – part 004

When your Android Studio don’t want to working with JAVA then you can try this : For example I got this error:

First install or reintsall all the java packages.

Let’s see what compiler is used:

… and Java JDK:

The next command can help you.

Display all java with… Read More »

Use Fingerprints to check web server’s secure connection certificate.

To make sure that you are connected to the right secure website you can use Fingerprints website. You compare the fingerprint of its certificate in your browser against a trusted source that provides you with fingerprint records. Looking up fingerprint certificates because each web browser handles this in a different way. Now compare the fingerprint… Read More »