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Web – LDPlayer android emulator.

This android emulator is similar to the NOX android emulator but is simpler with an option to pay the membership starting at $2.99 monthly and with 16% Off. The development team of this android emulator named LDPlayer version 9 tells us: Fastest Emulator to Play Android Games on PC You can download it from here.… Read More »

Windows – full screenshot with browser developer tool.

Every modern web browser includes a powerful suite of developer tools. Sometimes you want to take a screenshot of the entire document, the web page that can only be accessed in the Chrome browser or another browser that uses the web tool and you cannot use an online website or a chrome extension. You can… Read More »

Web – the best task management solutions.

I looked for the best task management solutions available to a user. I have not found complete task management and activity management solution that includes a web, desktop, and mobile application with storage space and integration with other applications or complete task management. From my point of view, these three have features that I like… Read More »

Web – ghostery

Using ghostery you can see something like this: Ghostery prevented a redirect from get.mona.co to monaco.app.link, which is part of Branch. This tag appears to redirect to https://monaco.app.link/ This tool is built on New York by a digital privacy company that builds products to protect, educate, and empower users to take back control of their… Read More »