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Shadertoy – notepad paper .

The Shadertoy website is a great tool to test your skill in writing shaders.
This is my first try with this tool.
See the source code I write to make a notepad paper example:

Use fullscreen option to to see correctly the result of this shader.

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Google Apps Script – youtube infos – part 004.

This is a four example with google script using Youtube API.
See the source code:

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PowerShell tips – part 007.

To create a list grid to show infos and output from powershell, you can send the output to the Out-GridView cmdlet:
Let’s make one example to show the output of : Get-WmiObject Win32_Processor .

The result is this:

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HTML5 – Example calendar – ruler.

This is a simple calendar ruler example make just with HTML5 and one CSS file.
The example can be see here.
Create one folder and put two file named: index.html and style.css.
The style.css file come with this source code:

The index.html file can have this source code:

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HTML5 – Example of 360 online video player.

In this tutorial, I will show you a source code for a video file player in HTML5.
The main reason I created this source code was: testing 360 degree and / or 3D ( red and blue ) video files created with the 3D Blender rendering program.
The source code is very simple. We have a part to create HTML5 elements: text messages, file upload button, message display, and video part.
These elements are stylized with CSS colors with the style tag.
The last part is the javascript script that actually handles uploading, testing and then playing the file.
You can create a HTML5 file , paste this code and test it with your video file.

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