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Programming with FASM – writing to file.

In this simple example, I will show how to write a file using the assembly programming language with FASM, known as flat assembler. You can use the FASM editor with the FASMW.EXE executable. Open this editor and use this commented source code:

Each step is describe in the source code. Run and test with… Read More »

PowerShell tips – part 026.

In this article tutorial, I will show you how to use a function from a PowerShell script. Create a script named: Get-NetworkConnectionProcess.ps1. Add this source code to your script:

Use the dot sourcing operator (.) to load the function into your PowerShell session, like this:

The command will load the function and once… Read More »

Google Apps Script – get notification from GitHub account – part 053.

You need to have a GitHub account. Create a new token by following these steps: Go to your GitHub settings. Click on “Developer settings”. Click on “Personal access tokens”. Click on “Generate new token”. Select the scopes you want the token to have (in this case, make sure to select the “notifications” scope). Click on… Read More »

Windows – install and use chocolatey.

Chocolatey is a software management solution that allows you to manage 100% of your software, anywhere you have Windows, with any endpoint management tool. This can be easily installed on Powershell with this command:

After installation you can use the help to see how can be used:

If you want to install an… Read More »

Blender 3D – python script to create ovoid using the math formula for ovoid.

This Python script for Blender 3D creates an ovoid model using the math formula for ovoid:

Artificial intelligence – about artificial intelligence – part 002.

Recently, there has been opposition in the media regarding the emergence of a danger related to the influence of artificial intelligence in the human environment. I would like to express my opinion on this subject and I would emphasize that artificial intelligence is a machine. The danger does not exist and the influence regarding the… Read More »