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Google Apps Script – addon example – part 006.

Today I will show you how to make a SideBar addon with Google Apps Script.
This tutorial is very simple.
Open one sheet into your google drive account.
Go to ToolsScript editor … and that will open a new tab into your browser with the script editor.
Save your sheet and your project from script editor.
You need to add this source code into your Code.gs file:

The next step is to add a html file named : openSideBar.html.
Go to FileNewHtml file and add new html file with this source code:

You now run the Google Apps script.
The Google want to have your permission to run this into Google applications area :
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
This allow you to run the addon and result will be a sidebar html file, see:

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Opera browser – the last websites visited option .

The Opera browser come with a good feature named Continue where I left off .
Go to SettingsOn startup and you will see this options:

  • Open the start page
  • Continue where I left off
  • Open a specific page or set of pages

Select the Continue where I left off option.
From now on, the last website visited is loaded first – including any settings associated with that site .
This is a similar function to Internet Explorer’s reopen the last browser session .

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Easy Code IDE tool for the assembly language .

About Easy Code .
This assembly tool which utilizes a visual component-assisted programming environment for the assembly language.
The Easy Code IDE tool come with graphical user interface (GUI) and object components.
One good feature is integration with MASM32, MASM64, GOASM, JWASM/UASM/ASMC, FASM and PoASM assembler libraries and tools.
You can start your project with Easy Code or Easy Code 64 from bin folder, both available in 32-bit / 64-bit version .
First, when I try to build a FASM 64 example and I got errors from build process.
The setting process is easy and can be done when you start the Easy Code.
You can make settings from menu with:

  • Project – Properties …
  • Tools – Settings …

What’s new in version ?
Bug Fixes:
1. The Tab control did not appear (it was not shown even being enabled) when creating a new project.
Please read and follow the directions within the ‘AsmC.txt’, ‘Fasm.txt’, ‘Masm.txt’ and ‘UAsm.txt’ files located in the ‘EasyCode’ folder.
Added Features:
1. New ‘netapi32.inc’ and ‘netapi32.lib’ files for 64-bit ASMC, FASM, JWASM, MASM and UASM projects.
2. New ‘crypt32.inc’ and ‘crypt32.lib’ files for 64-bit ASMC, FASM, JWASM, MASM and UASM projects.
Deprecated Features:

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The IMDbPY python module for IMDb website.

This python package is written in pure Python 3 to access the IMDb’s database and used it.
You can read about this python module from github docs weboage
The development team come with this DISCLAIMER to read the IMDb’s conditions of use in their website.
First I start the install process with pip tool:

This is my source code to test it and working well.

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JavaScript – Google add subscribe online tool button for YouTube channel .

Google come with a new feature for development: one subscribe online tool button for YouTube channel.
You can to insert youtube channel button on your page by using this tool.
This online tool lets you configure an embedded subscription button for your channel by using Channel Name , ID, Layout,Theme, Subscriber count.
If you look at the top left, you will see that this button is displayed for the youtube channel of this website.

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