Slicers in Google Sheets are a powerful new way to filter data. Add some data into your spreadsheet and insert a Pivot Table: Data then Pivot Table. Now you can show property types of cells. At the top menu on spreadsheet, click on Data and then Slicer. This will be… Continue Reading Web – New feature on Google spreadsheet named Slicer.

I don’t like the Pug very much but for today I will write a simple intro tutorial. The Pug is a template engine for Node and for the browser which can make you more productive and your code more readable. It compiles to HTML and has a simplified syntax with… Continue Reading Pug: About the Pug javascript.

The Google company supports users with a multitude of services and tools required. Today I will start a new series of tutorials that will present in the style of this site these tools and services. In this first tutorial, I will present some implementations and tools needed for users who… Continue Reading Web – About Google’s possibilities – part 001.

The google comes with some changes and you need to agree with these on your Google Analytics account. ADMIN – Account Settings – Data Processing Amendment and be agree with the new Data Processing Amendment. Use Review Amendment and Save buttons to agree with these changes.

Imagine this power embedded in your app, website or business process. The possibilities are endless with our intuitive API. Thumbnails or 1:1 resolution Capture the entire height of the page Complete viewport control Override user agents, default languages Inject your own CSS on any page Controller shutter with javascript And… Continue Reading Web – URL2PNG website tool.

This error I got from GitHub when I try to push my source code:

You need to use the argument –force:

This tutorial solves this issue about how to parse a text document open by an Id and put the output into a Spreadsheet. The input text from the text document must have four signed number delimited with a comma like as regular expression variable named r from source code:

Let’s read from a text file named new_file.txt with an assembler program.

The source code is easy to understand. This source code shows you how you can use a macro for print. The base of this source code use INT 0x80 with a rax register for many functions like… Continue Reading Programming with FASM – the format ELF executable – part 006 .