The result of parsing calendar with Google Apps Script tool can be shown in this screenshot: To import a google calendar in your drive google spreadsheet, just create a spreadsheet document file use Google Apps Script. Open Google Apps Script from Tool – Script Editor. Use this script with your… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – calendar example – part 007.

Today I will show you how to make a SideBar addon with Google Apps Script. This tutorial is very simple. Open one sheet into your google drive account. Go to Tools – Script editor … and that will open a new tab into your browser with the script editor. Save… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – addon example – part 006.

This is a five example with google script using Youtube API. You can see my last tutorials about learning with Google Apps Script to add and use a script. The example is very simple, just see the source code:

The SpreadsheetApp take an active sheet from your document. The… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – youtube info – part 005.

This tutorial is about how to add a custom into your google document using the google app script. First, you need to have one open document and then click into the menu : Tools – Script editor … You will see a new document into your browser with a link… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – custom menu – part 004.

What is the Google Apps Script? It’s a JavaScript cloud scripting language that extends Google Apps and provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services. So you can deal with all Google products like docs, Gmail, calendar, maps, etc. to make all good for you.… Continue Reading Google Apps Script – Creating UI – part 001.

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