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Web – GraphQL Landscape.

The GraphQL Foundation landscape (png, pdf) is dynamically generated below. It is modeled after the CNCF landscape and based on the same open-source code. Please open a pull request to correct any issues. … You are viewing 168 cards with a total of 220,566 stars, market cap of $7.1T and funding of $22.2B. You can… Read More »

Web – the stateofcss website.

CSS known as Cascading Style Sheets was first proposed by Håkon Wium Lie and Bert Bos in 1994. The first official CSS specification, CSS level 1, was released in 1996. You can find some information and charts about the state of CSS from the last few years. https://2019.stateofcss.com https://2020.stateofcss.com https://2021.stateofcss.com https://2022.stateofcss.com

Web – perplexity.ai .

Try perplexity.ai Ask anything while you browse Perplexity is a superpower for your curiosity that lets you ask questions or get instant summaries while you browse the internet. Perplexity is like ChatGPT and Google combined. When you have a question, ask Perplexity and it will search the internet and write you a quick answer with… Read More »

Web – ChatGPT alternatives.

You can find many ChatGPT alternatives on the web. The alternatives below are implemented by dedicated algorithms or interferences: Bing by Microsoft BERT by Google Meena by Google RoBERTa by Facebook XLNet by Google DialoGPT by Microsoft Research ALBERT by Google T5 by Google CTRL by Salesforce GShard by Google Blender by Facebook AI Research Pegasus by… Read More »