If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife. This tool can be install on many operating system like: Windows; macOS; Linux; Chrome OS; BSD; Docker; GitHub Actions; GitLab CI/CD; Compiling from source. Also, you can use it online on the official… Continue Reading Web – Pandoc tool.

This online tool helps you to query XML/HTML documents with your browser in real-time and can generate queries for you. Use your XPath query in the top-left panel and it will be instantly executed against this document. Once some results are displayed on the right, you can scroll to them… Continue Reading Web – use XML/HTML documents with xpather online tool.

This tool comes with many features but the main feature I like is this: I can share my work development on android and share the APK application file with my phone device for testing. This comes with a google play application that lets you share content with your mobile phone.… Continue Reading Web – Share content easy.

WasmFiddle lets you compile C/C++ code to WebAssembly and run it in the browser. The JavaScript harness on the right has several global variables and helper functions. wasmCode: Uint8Array The compiled WebAssembly buffer. wasmImports: { … } This object is automatically generated by WasmFiddle for your convenience. It’s a template… Continue Reading Web – online tool for WebAssembly.

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