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Security – XXE external entity attack.

XXE known ad XML eXternal Entities is an application security weakness by compromised data processed by an insecurely configured XML parser. XML files may contain the document type definition known as DTD, which describes the structure of an XML file. DTD allows us to define and use XML entities. Let’s see one example:

If… Read More »

Web – Brave browser.

This browser is 3x faster than Chrome and comes with a better protection from Google and Big Tech and many features like: Invasive ads blocked; Cross-site trackers blocked; Cookies blocked; Fingerprinting blocked with cookie-less trackers; Malware & phishing protection; No IP addresses collected; Anonymized network routing  using the Tor mode; Brave Rewards is built on… Read More »

Web – JSON Geolocation Web Service.

This online tools allows you to directly program your back-end JSON scripts to deliver dynamic geo-localized pages using the JSON variables provided by geoPlugin.

Web – simple clear and delete for Chrome.

Browser cleanup is a preventative method of operating system security and should be handled more carefully. This web extension let you to clear history, Cache & Cookies for Chrome and delete your Chrome browsing history, cache, cookies, downloads, forms, local storage and more in one click. You can find it on this webpage.

Web – The wordtune online tool.

Wordtune can help you to: Write a better, clearer message and deliver it the way you intend to Make brilliant vocabulary choices Spend less time editing and perfecting your text Write with confidence Sound more fluent Expand your English vocabulary You can see all plans. Free $0 Start with the basics Rewrite explore new ways… Read More »

Web – The codeberg online tool.

If you work with GitHub then this codeberg.org has similar features. On the official webpage I got these informations: Codeberg is a community-driven, non-profit software development platform operated by Codeberg e.V. and centered around Codeberg.org, a Gitea-based software forge. … Codeberg is a non-profit volunteer effort. It relies on its friendly and dedicated community. We’re… Read More »