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Blender 3D – version 2.7 anf MakeHuman – export file mhx .

New Blender 3D version 2.7 series has been released with new features. Also the MakeHuman 3D software come with Blender 3D export file.
This is fix and make more easy to working with 3D file – mhx.
After you create and export your character under MakeHuman you need to make some settings under Blender 3D.
First go to File – User Preference – Addons (tab) and search this addon and check it:
If you receive this error then is need to activate Python.
This it’s simple to do it. Just use same path : File – User Preference – File (tab). .
The character created with MakeHuman will be insert into 3D Blender view.
See the next image rendered with Blender 3D.
One good feature of MakeHuman is the way to make the character object.
You can see how easy can be animated under Blender 3D.

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Android calendar application example – part 1.

This is a simple example about using widget calendar under Andoid OS.
Can be easy to do it if you know the basic of the programming.
First you need to make one application ( I use Android Studio – version 0.5.1).
Let’s see my example:
My application use:
the class is :
public class MainActivity extends ActionBarActivity
the project is set with this :
the widget is : CalendarView
I make this changes into this source files :

  • MainActivity,java
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • activity_main.xml
  • main.xml
  • strings.xml

Let’s see the source code for this files:
The result working well. Also you can see in this picture the calendar result …






The result working well. Also you can see in this picture the calendar result …


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Android Studio – tools and features – part 005

Most of us have one old project. When we want to import this project into new Android Studio with a new SDK then will got one error.
In the next picture will see the steps to fix your new Android SDK.
This will allow you to fix your Android SDK with the new one.

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Windows cmd – verifier .

The command verifier it’s one great tool that is included in every version of Windows since Windows 2000.
Is used to detect and troubleshoot many driver issues that are known to cause system corruption, failures, or other unpredictable behavior.
Also this is not working like antivirus or another tool to fix your operating system.
In Windows 7 and later versions of the Windows operating system, all the features of Enhanced I/O Verification are included as part of I/O Verification.
So it’s not necessary to select the Enhanced I/O Verification option in Driver Verifier Manager or from the command line.
Just run it into command prompt and will see something like this :

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Android gps application example – part 1.

This is a simple example about gps under Android OS.

I make this tutorial few days ago.

It’s easy and simple to do that. Is like any project under Android OS.

I use Android Studio but you can use Eclipse also…

Anter you open the new project you need to use the next source code.

Using Android Studio can be hard if you don’t know how this IDE link java source code.

So , your project will be named : SimpleLocation and main activity will be like this :

public class LocationActivity extends Activity implements LocationListener

First the LocationActivity.java file:

Also you can make two projects to see the diff and you will understand well how is working this …

…and AndroidManifest.xml :

finally the last file main.xml:

The GPS and A-GPS is something different so read all specification about your hardware device.

Finally the result will be something like this.

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