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Windows XP OS

Install Mono on Windows XP.

To install Mono 2.6.4 with GTK # 2.12.10 software, you must download this software from here. In the next image, we see all the platforms… We chose the Windows platform. The next image will show you how I installed Mono software” This is all for today.

Windows XP Tweaking – part 001.

Windows 7 appeared, but Windows XP is still used by many users. In this tutorial, I will show some tweaks. Optimize Boot Files [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction] You need to reboot after applying this tweak. This key setting enables the boot files defragmenter. This moves the boot files to the beginning part of the partition and makes the… Read More »

Loki Render – the render farm.

What is Loki software? If you having several computers work together can greatly decrease the total time needed. Loki Render is a cross-platform job queue manager for rendering 3D frames. Loki Render distributes the rendering of Blender 3D images named frames across several computers. How to install the software? You can download this software from… Read More »