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Useful commands for Windows XP

These are commands that can be used in command line in Windows XP.

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Create ls command on Windows XP.

When using command line on Windows have a big problem.

This happens because I use Linux on my computer.

Command alias of Linux gave me the idea.

I put these lines of code in the Autoexec.bat file:

Now, using the REGEDIT command to startup Autoexec.bat.

If you try to use ls -l this command will not work.

You need to put another doskey.

This is just a briefly tutorial.

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Using Irrlicht 1.7.2 under Windows XP with Code::Blocks – 3D Engine – Part 2.

To use the 3D engine Irrlicht with Code:: Blocks has to download two programs from the Internet.

I used Code:: Blocks version 10.05 and Irrlicht version 1.7.2 on a Windows XP operating system.

You must install Code:: Blocks and then unzip the archive into a folder Irrlicht.

Select from Code:: Blocks File -> New -> Project … and then choose Irrlicht project as shown below:

irrlicht img

A window will appear and you will need to enter the project name and where it is.

The following image shows the way of linking engine with Code:: Blocks.

Set the environment variable Irrlicht.

irrlicht img

Then choose the folder where your 3D engine is.

irrlicht img

Press right click on project and choose Build.

If this error occurs:

Then createDevice needs a dimension2d<u32> not dimension2d<s32> for the window size.

Change as shown below:

error code::blocks img

If no error occurs, you’ll see how it runs as shown below:

irrlicht run image

This is simple example about Irrlicht. That is all for today.

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Simple example about create DLL with FASM.

This is the simplest example of how to use assembly language to create a DLL file functional.

It is written using flat assembler (FASM).

Example is simple and I created for testing with python.

You can call the function created with other programming languages??.

After I created the DLL file can execute the following python code to check if it works correctly.

python dll

Let’s go to the DLL file creation.

Theory says about this example, show in the end of this tutorial:

format directive allows to select the output format.

entry directive sets the entry point for Portable Executable, the value of entry point should follow.

include directive includes the specified source file at the position where it is used and should be followed by the quoted name of file that should be included.

section directive defines a new section, it should be followed by quoted string defining the name of section, then one or more section arguments can follow.

Available arguments are: code, data, readable, writeable, executable,shareable, discardable, notpageable.

section is marked to contain fixups, they are generated automatically and no more data needs to be defined in this section.

In the section code we define two procedures.

The first procedure allows a DLL to use its entry-point function for allocating memory in the virtual address space of the calling process or to open handles accessible to the process.

The second procedure will call a MessageBox function from operating system, see more here.

data directive begins the definition of special PE data.

It should be followed by one of the data identifiers (export, import, resource or fixups) or by the number of data entry in PE header.

This example can be developed and completed with additional functions.

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Change settings and passwords in Windows using Linux

In this tutorial I will present a way to change or delete a user password in a Windows XP operating systems or Windows 7.

On Windows Vista I have not tried it yet, but you can try.

I get under Fedora 15 this software, using yum .

You need to locate SAM file.Under Windows 2000 and XP is normally located at


Then you need to navigate and find a number of files like SAM, SYSTEM, SECURITY…

Once you have located the SAM you can start using chntpw.

Use this command to see the help

If you want list all the users on in the SAM file, use this command:

Use this command to change the password or clear the password:

The windows_user is the user list by command chntpw SAM

There are other options that can be applied to windows user, but these two are used.

This program can be used on a linux install on USB.

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