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Toolwiz Care tested on Windows 10.

Toolwiz Care is a free suite of tools and applications for your computer that aim to optimize your system’s performance and manage clutter. Clean and remove unnecessary files and data and free up disk space to improve speed and allow your computer to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Additionally, it includes a number… Read More »

Blender 3D – python script to create ovoid using the math formula for ovoid.

This Python script for Blender 3D creates an ovoid model using the math formula for ovoid:

Windows – privacy dashboard for Windows with WPD.

This tool named WPD works via Windows API and lets you customize privacy-related settings in Windows, and can be found on this webpage. These features can be set with this tool: privacy management – customize Group Policy, services, tasks, and other settings responsible for data collection and transmission; IP Blocker – Block telemetry IPs using… Read More »