The tool – your desktops and the cloud.

Turbo applications run instantly on all your desktops and the cloud with this web tool.
The pricing can be found here.
For free version you can get just:

  • Run on Windows Desktops
  • Use Public and Private Repositories
  • 100GB Storage streams applications through a small extension under your browser. runs desktop and server applications in portable VMs that synchronize across the web.
You need to install an executable client into your Windows OS.
Turbo VM does not require any privileges.
You can run Turbo VM applications from the web or your desktop by press ALT and WIN keys.
This will show into the right area of desktop an application with two tabs: My Application and Browse All.
The applications are downloaded and then is running by Turbo application.
For example:
When I try to run Safari browser and after downloading the Safari browser not run: Exited with code: -1.
But the Tor browser started and running well.
I run also the mIRC application and running well into Turbo VM.

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