Top 2016 online editors for javascript and html.

Today I want to show you online editors for html5 and javascript.
These online JavaScript editors are great because they allow you to edit your code directly from your browser also to share your code.
I found many editors online but I don’t like it because:
– not free or trial version;
– too complex and hard to use with 17-inch display;
– hard to understand how working and make settings;
– hard to manipulates additional files and libraries;
– too many moves with the mouse;
– few users to share content and help you;
– too many options and windows;
This is my top for 2016 and I tested all of these online editors.

Let’s begin with:

1. jsfiddle
– need settings for javascript libraries;
– for a javascript online editor – first ad position at the top;
2. cssdeck
– simplicity goes here;
– complex editor with many features: HTML, javascript, PHP, python 2.7.6 version, running under a cloud with apache, node.js;
– for javascript it’s simple to develop your project;
– for real development online – first ad position at the top;
4. rendera.herokuapp
– very simple editor;
– with source code template and examples;
– default html5;
– one click add javascript libraries;
– features for Pro like Dropbox backup, private bins;
– simple online editor;
– you can choose your libraries and find externals libraries;
– many settings like chat, stream, templates;
– good, but I don’t like to access my google account;

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