Unity 3D – Set render pipeline and fix the pink shader material.

The Unity 2018.1 comes with two scriptable render pipelines known as SRP templates the HDRP and the lightweight render pipeline.
The idea is to provide optimized real-time performance.
In Unity 2019.3 the lightweight render pipeline was renamed to Universal render pipeline.
All render pipelines can be install from the Package Manager.
You can install it and on the project with right-click and select Create – Rendering – Universal render pipeline and select the pipeline asset.
This will create files for your project.
Use the main menu to select this file with: Edit – Project Settings – Graphics – Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings.
Unity reader pipelines are:

  • build in render pipeline by default;
  • universal Render Pipeline named URP;
  • hight definition render pipeline named HDRP

These renders come with their own default materials:

  • standard shader;
  • URP LIT shader;
  • HDRP LIT shader;

You set the wrong material then will look pink under the built-in pipeline.
If you set a good URP shader material, under build-in RP and HDRP will be pink – because is wrong.
If you use to create a project from a template with Universal Render Pipeline used the most of the people, then you need to use URP shader.
Some projects template are a combination of both URP and HDRP renders.
The HDRP is used by high-end devices, and URP is used for mobile or modded graphics.
You can set it from the main menu: Edit – Project Settings – Graphics – Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings.
If the object color is pink the go to the material and changes it into shader type for render you use.
For example: from Standard to Universal Render PipelineLit and if this has texture then you need to assign it again.
Unity has a tool for converting all materials.
Select all materials and from the main menu: Edit – Render Pipeline – Universal Render Pipeline and select one of the options you need to upgrade materials.
The same process can be used with render pipeline from the main menu: Edit – Render Pipeline and this time you will see HD Render Pipeline – Upgrade from Builtin pipeline and select one of the options you need.
You will see a message with one button named Proceed.
This conversion works only for shader build for a render pipeline to another.
One solution is to convert all of the shader materials into Standard but is possible to lose some features.

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