Unity 3D with Visual Studio 2015 IDE.

Most of the time I used Mono IDE for Unity 3D.
Today I show you how to use Unity 3D with Visual Studio 2015.
You need to know this solution it’s a little slow but can solve another issue for development.
Some settings we make from start to the end will come with the restart of both IDE.
Let’s start with the first step:
First, install Visual Studio 2015 from here.
You need to know about the Visual Studio: it’s on Windows OS only.
Now download Visual Studio Tools for Unity tools  Visual Studio and install this download.
If your installation will come with Repair just repair it.
This repair option it shows you when the Visual Studio its install with Unity 3D package.
Open your Unity software and make this setting from Unity Preferences ( first menu of Unity 3D software).
Double left click to run the Visual Studio Tools for Unity from the folder where you put the download.
Select all and then accept this settings.
You have one new folder add Assets into your project. You need to make more settings because will not be working yet.
Make one new C# script and named it. I used the name: test. Start to develop your script by open this script.
When you start your development of this script the Visual Studio 2015 start also.
Now use right click mouse button to add Existing Item… or use the short key.
Add the DLL files from your Unity 3D project ( Assets -> UnityVS folders).
Try to build your solution from Visual Studio. Also, check the settings of these two DLL from Unity 3D by left click and check your options. If you got errors then restart both IDE: Visual Studio 2015 and Unity 3D.
This will fix all your imports and settings files.

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