Unwrapping a mesh under Blender 2.5.

The Blender 2.5 has a number of options available to map the UVW coordinates of an object.
The “UVW map” is a result of the process.
This result is essentially a set of co-ordinates use to tell them how a texture image is supposed to be applied over the surfaces of a model.
Go on UV Editing, select the object ( the cube in this case) and enter on Edit Mode.
All keys will be pressed with the mouse cursor in the area 3D View, where the object is edited.
Now if you press key U and select the first option you will see this …
UVW map simple
… if you select Smart UV Project, you will see the second image.
UVW map smart project
The best approach is to use a system of cuts, referred to as Seams, are specially marked edge elements.
See in next image, how the unwrapping process knows to split and make the UVW map.
In this case. select some edges and press Ctr+E select option Mark Seam.
I select edges from a face, and the result is this:
UVW map seam
This is just a simple example, you can find more options.

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