VS 2015 – tips and tricks – part 001.

This tutorial shows you some of the basic tips and features of the Visual Studio 2015.
First I will provide a succinct overview of the Web programming over Visual Studio 2015.
Just open your Visual Studio and create one Web Site with File – New – Web Site.
Then if you want to use C# then use this :
You can add some new scripts and features by using packages. This will come from the NuGet Package Manager.
In the next image, I used: Tool
to install the jQuery.
You can do many things to improve your performance with Visual Studio 2015.
For example, use this and will have one good vertical scroll bar.
This will map your source code page.
Also, you can split your source code by drag from the icon of the bottom of this scroll bar map.
If you want you can add line numbers into your left of your source code page.
Use this:
Before you run your application can put one breakpoint to stop it for debug.
Also, you can see your variables using watch options.
Some short keys can help you to deal with your source code.
For example:
– use Ctr+K and then Ctr+X keys to use snippet into your source code;
– use Ctr+K and then Ctr+C keys to entire selections of your source code;
– use Alt+arrows keys to move your selection of code;
– use Ctr+Q for a quick search and they will find what you need ( ex: search Solution Explorer and will see also the short key: Ctr+Alt+L )

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