Web – About Google’s capabilities – part 001.

The Google company supports users with a multitude of services and tools required.
Today I will start a new series of tutorials that will present in the style of this site these tools and services.
In this first tutorial, I will present some implementations and tools needed for users who own one or more web pages.

  • Google Adsense is a service for placing advertisements on websites that requires their own domain and a host;
  • Analytics is a service for tracking and monitoring websites;
  • Google Adwords or Ads is an online advertising platform for the websites you own;
  • Google Tag Manager is a tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags;
  • Google Optimize, you can quickly test your hypothesis and change your website;

Google Adsense is easy to add to your website but you need to have your own host and domain and follow the rules.
Google Analytics uses the Global Site Tag a javascript named gtag.js or source code for your website to monitor your website.
To avoid multiple changes and to correctly interrelate with all services can be used by Google Tag Manager.
This service named Tag Manager lets you use Google Analytics and Google Adwords into one interface.
Optimize is natively integrated with Google Analytics and lets you test changes on your websites.
For example, You can create multiple versions of the same page and you can see which version is more user-friendly in design and content and then implement it on the website.
There are two versions of Google Optimize.
First, Optimize is a free product that allows you to get started with experimentation.
The second one Optimize 360 is a premium testing and personalization tool for the enterprise.
Service interfaces are logically created to meet all user requirements.
The most complicated interface is the one from Analitycs and the simplest one is the one from Optimize.
The interface with the most relationships is that of Tag Manager and requires variable declarations to the other interfaces.
Since April 16, 2009, when I started using these services, I have seen many changes to these services, interfaces, and A.P.I.
I can tell you that today Google is maintaining very well and is becoming more stable and optimized from this point of view.
The rate of learning and assimilation of knowledge is very high, but I have benefited from additional free time and I have focused a lot on my own learning style.
Maybe I’ll write in the future about this magic formula that is highlighted in my tutorials.

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