Web – design your REST APIs with SwaggerHub.

SwaggerHub is Built for Teams
Create an organization and you’ll be able to:

  • collaborate on API design and docs
  • centralize APIs on your team’s page
  • standardize design across your APIs

You can test this online tool on this webpage.
SwaggerHub is an online platform where you can design your REST APIs – be it public APIs, internal private APIs, or microservices. The core principle behind SwaggerHub is Design First, Code Later. That is, you start by laying out your API, its resources, operations, and data models, and once the design is complete you implement the business logic.
API definitions are written in the OpenAPI format (formerly known as Swagger). They are saved in the SwaggerHub cloud and can be synchronized with external systems like GitHub or Amazon API Gateway. You can also collaborate with your team on SwaggerHub, and maintain multiple versions of APIs as it evolves.
You can see one good tutorial on this webpage:

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