Web – Detect errors show by Blogger theme.

The problems with the Google Blogger websites are the same you cannot have good control over the theme and the newest features are in progress.
A few days ago, I wrote some tutorials and because I published it without seeing it looks good.
Yesterday I take a look at the blogger and I see this:

You can see all the right side area was sent to the bottom of the blogger.
The first time I tried to restore to my initial settings but I failed.
I assumed that somewhere in my tutorials there was a tag error.
I used a simple detection logic to display each tutorial post by changing the number of their displays to one.

Using the older posts link I viewed each tutorial until I discovered the post that truncated my right area and sent it somewhere at the bottom.
I found a DIV tag that was not closed and it generated this error for me.
Regarding the use of the DIV tag that Google Blogger introduced, there are some problems if you use the Visual editing interface.
I don’t use it very much but combined formatting editing abusively combines these tags.

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