Web – Firefox browser and debug options for programmers and users.

Today’s tutorial solves a number of issues for the programmer and the regular user.
First. let show you a download tool for GitHub.
This online tool allows you to download any folder from GitHub without using the classic git clone command.
With this online tool, I download this animated parrot theme from Mozilla Developer Network GitHub account like a zip file.
Unzip all files into an empty folder and create a new zip archive named animated with these files.
For testing themes on the Firefox browser, you need to use the debug option.
Open your Firefox browser and add this about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox on your address bar.
If you try to load the extension or theme in another way then you will received this error:

Use the Load Temporary Add-on… button and load this zip file named animated.
If you follow correctly these steps then the theme is load it, see my screenshot:

… else you will see an error like this:

Another issue is about Service Workers.
You can type into address bar about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox or about:serviceworkers to displays all registered Service Workers on the page.
Each Service Worker is listed with its origin, scope, current worker URL, cache name and other information.
These can easy remove from from Firefox using the Open menu then OptionsCookies and Site Data and Manage Data….

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