Web – ghostery

Using ghostery you can see something like this:
Ghostery prevented a redirect from
get.mona.co to monaco.app.link,
which is part of Branch.

This tag appears to redirect to

This tool is built on New York by a digital privacy company that builds products to protect, educate, and empower users to take back control of their online experiences, see:

The official website comes with this intro:
Advanced Privacy Protection

  • Block Trackers, Anonymize Your Data, Block Ads
  • Fully Customizable Browsing Options

Access to Ghostery Insights

  • State of the Art Web Analytics Tool
  • Real-Time Statistics & Performance for every page
  • Reporting and Alerting

Ad Free Private Search Engine

  • Leave no traces as you search the web
  • Zero History Tracking
  • Zero Ads

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