Web – Workona Tab Manager and Workona Tab Suspender.

Today, I will show two extensions for fast and good memory usage but you can get a negative feeling if don’t understand how this works and don’t line up with these tools. You can find more on the official youtube channel:
The Workona Tab Manager helps you get your work under control and finally feel organized. Use it to manage tabs, organize projects, and bring together all of your work in the browser. As the world’s best tab manager, Workona lets you switch context instantly so you can focus on your actual work.
The Workona Tab Suspender keeps your computer running quickly with the Workona Tab Suspender. You can choose to suspend tabs automatically or on demand with one click. Either way, you’ll dramatically reduce your browser’s memory usage. Now you can keep all your tabs open without getting slowed down.
These two extensions for workspaces bring your work into one place, but some negative things I don’t like:

  • the official website shows me only two versions of using it without any free option …
  • when I used it for the first time Workona Tab Manager the windows with tabs went from one to another depend on my mouse activity;
  • the next extension can fix some of these negative activities depending on your settings, see this;

NOTE: The negative feeling of this can be avoided within the term of good practice. The negative effect consists of passing through windows, which affects attention and the ability to concentrate. You can avoid this by reducing transitions between tabs from different windows and concentrating on what you are working on, but you will get more visible and organized management by dividing the tabs into categories and reducing the memory, maintaining tabs by categories defined by you, and more.
The windows with tabs can be opened to make the switch on this, when you
Automatic switching between tabs in windows allows you to take work breaks of one or more seconds…
You can create tasks for you and the team and share them. If you will use it for a few days in a row and you will understand the options that come with these two extensions, then you will surely keep these management options.

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