Windows 10 – Microsoft Network Monitor tool .

This tool from Microsoft comes with this information :
Microsoft Network Monitor is a tool for viewing the contents of network packets that are being sent and received over a live network connection or from a previously captured data file. It provides for complex analysis of network data through filtering options.
Is a tool for the expert user into network issues, not for common user.
This will help you to recognize the signs that something on your network is compromised.
This will not help with Monitoring and Maintaining IP Multicast issues (is a more complex subject and I will not present it in this tutorial).
This tutorial is just about this tool.
Download the tool, I select the NM34_x64.exe – because I have an x64 CPU.
Install the tool, select Capture1, and press the Start button.
If the tool needs to install something with log out and log in, just do it.
You can capture the network traffic and parse all info.
The development team comes also with this feature:
Network Monitor 3.3 introduces the Experts menu. This feature allows you to run external analysis tools on an open capture file.
Take a look at this screenshot :

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